Matt Frost's personal projects


Zoom Sync

View two maps of different places at a common scale

Screenshot of two maps displayed side by side

Monte Carlo analysis for household health care costs

Simulate household health care costs across different insurance scenarios

Insurance Cost Distribution Insurance Cost Box-and-Whisker Plots

Source code here.

Analysis of US mine safety data

Using R and python to examine a large file of mine inspection records

Experimental mine safety analysis

An R implementation of EPRI's Energy Storage Valuation Primer

A white paper used randomly generated scenarios to evaluate the viability of an energy storage project. I rewrote the method in R.

EPRI analysis


“Stop Clicking, Start Typing:” an introduction to scripted analysis

Title Slide from R Tutorial

My Resume

I am a professional data analyst serving the US federal government as a contractor, specializing in energy and environmental policy and economics. My resume is available as a pdf here.

My Public Key

Hosted at or here.


  • Coal Retirement Plan 

    A very rough draft of an idea I’ve been discussing on twitter, posted here for reference and continued conversation.

  • An Old Manuscript 

    This is my own translation of a Kafka story I couldn’t find in English online.